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Hannah Wood
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First off, I hope everyone had a great New Year! I am recouperating from one awesome party last night but I've managed to squelch my hangover long enough to concentrate on this post.

When you think of Wood, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Okay..no wait..what's the second thing? That's right, Elijah Wood. Ring bearer, dolphin lover, penguin, weird creepy guy in Sin City, guy with the creepy blue eyes who cleaned up dog piss for Ozzy Osbourne, who once upon time was a Radio Flyer and who may have been in a music video or two.

Elijah is my brother. I am the more feminine and prettier Wood, Hannah. I have done my share of acting, even if only in my brother's movies. I've also assisted as crew on a film or two and popped up on the Osbournes myself, watching Kelly argue with a towel clad Jack being one of the highlights of my tv exposure. I'm good at being quiet and concerned. That's why I am a quiet and concerned Roherian woman in The Two Towers as well.

I do have my own life of course, working and spending time with my mother. But Elijah's fans have seemed to embrace me in their own bizarre ways. There is even a community here on live journal called woodcest. Yeah..I saw it once and ran the other way. Unless you have a strong stomach, I suggest you do the same thing. But I do love my brothers..just..not that way.

Feel free to call me whenever, I'm always around and interested in making new friends.

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